Tu sei qui


Lecture Excerpts by Yogi Bhajan

The zodiac sign is always symbolic to a person. It means that this is your base. This is what you have been granted in relation to the animal nature. From this comparison of the animal nature, you are supposed to grow into a human being with a caliber that is very noble and graceful.

Zodiac sign symbols were made for man. Astronomy is what the heavens are. Astrology is how the constellations are affecting, from the heavens, our existence on the earth and what we should do to rise above it.

I studied astrology for four and a half years. It is a wonderful science. It is a mathematical science, but you make it a mystery. A lot of people do not know how to interpret it. That's where the majority goof. Astrology is like a weather chart. Once you know it, you only will know how the life journey shall be. But in between there can be a lot of changes for which you sometimes do not have the concept. Then you misinterpret a lot of symptoms and signs. But, it is a good science.

Every square can be cut in half and made into two triangles, a double triangle. In Indian astrology, if they say there's a square in your life, they'll give you a mantra to remove the square. We're not against astrology, but we don't need it. A person who does saadhanaa every morning takes care of the whole thing.

©The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan.

Excerpts from July 4, 1978, July 18, 1991 and August 22, 1978

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