Tu sei qui

The Movement of the Woman & the Man

By Yogi Bhajan from I Am A Woman.

Let us talk about woman. What is a woman? Woman is basically a ball, an egg, a sun, a circle of energy, complete. A woman is an egg, a round shape, and man is like a snake; he’s a spermatozoa, which zigzags, and so his projection also zigzags – that is the basic thing I’m explaining to you. The spermatozoa travels between two parallel lines, touching the sides as it progresses, so its energy moves diagonally – that is called male. Between the two parallel lines another energy moves in a circle, that is called female, A female who does not cover all 360 degrees of a circle shall fall flat.

The basic thing in being a woman is to move like an egg going through the fallopian tubes, in a circle, like a ball bearing, clean and clear. From the ovary to the fallopian tube to the uterus, you moved that way, your first movement of existence. There is no other movement that suits you.

It is an elementary, acknowledged fact that God created woman in absolute completion. Therefore you are called solaa(n) kalaa(n) sam porran – “16 projections complete” – which is why woman does not have to become God or Messiah or come from the heavens and the angels. She is complete in herself.

Remember: all men move diagonally – left, right and forward. Even when they walk looking left, right and forward. But once a man knows that his woman goes around the circle and she’s complete, he doesn’t require any certification, any recommendation, or anything else. A woman can be completely trained in this art. Take a statue of a male and start putting your love around and around and around it; make a sack out of it. Children feel very comfortable when they are well fed, exercised, massaged, bathed and then they are wrapped. Sleep comes to them so deeply and quickly, you can’t believe it. That is also what a man needs; he doesn’t need sex. That is only part of it. He doesn’t need you for any reason except that mental wrap.