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Your Most Remarkable Mother!

By Siri-Gian Kaur

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It has been most fascinating in the last couple of months, and especially at Solstice to find that what has so wonderfully healed so many people is that they are actually connecting with their Divine Mother! That is Adi Shakti, Divine Creative, Prakirti, Mother Planet, etc. However you want to name her, she is so very, very present for you!

The trouble begins in childhood or even before we are born. If our own flesh and blood mother does not fully connect with us, if she is emotionally unavailable, if she has misgivings about being a mother, if her attention is on other things, or if she is immature in her judgment or her love for you, then you will most likely feel down deep—way beyond words that you don’t belong on the planet. No one has truly welcomed you here as only a mother’s energy can do. You may feel lost and disconnected still. Perhaps you have never felt that satisfying love that contains you and makes your life sweet. 

Now, at your current age you may philosophically understand why your mom was absent in some way, such as she got pregnant young, etc. and you don’t harbor any resentment towards her. That’s great. But still, there may be a loss of connection to Earth that keeps you subtly wandering and not fully grounded. Or you may get really jittery and off balance when stressed. Perhaps you are really distrustful and can’t rely on things working out for you.

These are all symptoms of being disconnected with Divine Mother because you were not fully welcomed by your human mother!

And yet, Divine Mother, Adi Shakti is a most real Consciousness! She calls the Infinite Source of pure energy “Pa,” otherwise known as Purkha or the Creator. And then she says that he sends her his pure energy which she weaves or knits it into Creation—continuous, flowing, ever changing Creation. So, she calls herself “Ma.” She is the feminine Creative, and yet she is so very cozy, loving and present for us—no separation. All we have to do is allow ourselves to be present with her. 

This remedy may be just too simple for you to believe but just give it a try. You may find really profound results!

How to Connect with Mother

First begin long, deep breathing (instructions here  www.SoulAnswer.com/long_deep_breath.html). Bring your awareness to your energy or prana flowing through you as it is propelled by your breath. Then consciously, powerfully send that prana down through your body—through your feet down into the very center of Mother Earth, and open yourself to connect with her there. Keep up your breath and energy movement going down to her as you feel her there. 

Then take note of what you feel. Actually write that down so that you can remember it. Spend some time with her. You will probably be very surprised at what you feel. I don’t want to lead you in what you may feel, so I am not going to tell you what others have experienced. But while you are with her, just feel out whether there is any more problem with being strong, cared for, loved, etc.

Let her heal you. Rest in your birthright which is you as the Divine expressing yourself here on Earth. Know who your most real Parents are—Divine Ma and Pa, that is your true family. Let her heal you and welcome you to Earth as you never have before. She will be exquisitely happy that you are consciously connected with her so that she can support you as only a most loving, kind, open and nourishing mother can. Allow any pain in you to arise, and give it to her so that she may heal it with her love for you. Yes, this is a very real process and so many have gone through this most remarkable healing experience!

Then once you are solid in what you are feeling with her, just ask what she has to tell you, and listen closely to her answer. Again, you may be surprised at her communication. This is definitely not your mind playing tricks on you. Rather, just realize that this is your own Divine Mother of whom you are definitely a part, and that you are receiving her very own connection, love and guidance which is more real than anything you could see with your eyes!

Once you are firm in that connection, begin to simultaneously cycle Mother’s energy up through your feet, through your body and then out the top of your head at your tenth gate to send it to Pa, the Source. This is where you truly connect with the Light Source, the Ek Ong Kaar, the Purkh. Feel Pa’s incredibly pure Light there. Then again, continuously cycle his energy down through your own body—feeling that wonderful movement, and down into Ma. And at this point, please make that continuous loop cycle become constant in your body, down to Ma at the center of the Earth, up through the center of your own physical body, then to the expansive Universal Light, the returning straight down your body and into Ma. This is a continuous flow or conduit of pure energy where you firmly know your very real family origin and heritage. This is the Real You. 

This is the Reality of your Being, Dear. This is how you bring Heaven to Earth and Earth to Heaven—not in any imaginary way, but in the cozy experience of the Truth of how Creation works. In this way, Ma says that we are the very real offsprings of Father God and Mother God. Be secure in your own Divinity as you experience it here in this time/space realm. KNOW WHO YOU ARE, EXPERIENCE WHO YOU ARE. You are SAT NAM, the Identity of your True Being!

And if you want to review what she has told us in so many ways, please go to www.SoulAnswer.com/wisdom_marketplace.html and link to any of the articles by Mother Planet!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur


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