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Yogi Bhajan Q & A on Sadhana for Children

Originally published: Beads of Truth, June 1974

Question: What do we do if our children don’t choose to come to sadhana, or if they’re in sadhana and they talk and don’t relate to it?

Answer: Always tell them that this is the time to grow and become great. And they love to sleep, so take them in your lap and put them to sleep, right in sadhana. Put him in your lap and put a blanket over and there they go out. Three hours of soothing sleep for them is the best. But they are in good vibrations and subconsciously they have heard that sadhana.

Question: What about getting infants up for sadhana at 4?

Answer: Don’t wake the children up. They do their own sadhana.

Question: What if they naturally wake up at 4?

Answer: Normally, they wake up to sleep again. Children and cats normally sleep, and their cries should not be ignored unless they’re creating a cry just to upset you. Just bring them along to sadhana and put them in your lap to sleep. The idea is to keep them in sadhana to live in those vibrations. The idea is not that they should lead the sadhana.

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