Tu sei qui


Have you ever wondered why Yogi Bhajan taught so many classes for women, but not for men? Actually, in 1978 he began teaching an annual course for men. Granted, these courses were not as long as the women’s courses, but they were potent and effective. Yogiji gathered men together and challenged them with straight talk and hard exercise.

“Sitting among the men at Yogiji's Men's Courses was completely enthralling. No one moved while he spoke. An entire room full of men, each one unique, with completely diverse backgrounds, sitting in awestruck silence, with eyes on him. Then he would give us a kriya. Sweat would pour and tears would fall, potential would be achieved. Songs would resound in your cellular structure, and I don't think we were ever the same again. He always said that we would understand more in the future. We had never heard these words used to describe what we could be: gracious, respectful, contained, aware, sensitive, potent, learned, beautiful, and wise. This vision of man's true Self was nowhere in the mainstream media. After years of practice I still feel his teachings are as alive as ever and continue to sink in and touch me at greater depths.” -Dharm S. Khalsa

Yogiji gave us an image of the Aquarian man: a man who is strong, kind, open-hearted, conscious of his word, and committed to his higher self. We had never before been given a vision of what it means to be a man of higher consciousness--respectful, gracious, self-contained, sensitive, wise, aware, and potent. We were immediately enthralled with his words that painted an image of what we could become using the technology of Kundalini Yoga.

Yogi Bhajan's teachings on Men can be found in Man to Man: A Journal of Discovery for the Conscious Man, available from KRI.