Tu sei qui

The Power to Penetrate

Excerpts from Man to Man: A Journal of Discovery for the Conscious Man

"Within each of us is a faculty to move our personality. It doesn't matter whether we are children, adults, or old men; we do move and we do project. We want to project and conquer. It is in his spermatozoa. To conquer is your basic natural faculty. But you forget the most beautiful aspect of it—your spermatozoa conquered the egg by entering it and becoming a part of it. It can never conquer the egg; it must penetrate it. The power to penetrate is the basic power that makes you male.

"In the male and female relationship, you do the same thing your sperm does. Nature gave you the power to penetrate; Nature gave her the power to receive you and to relieve you of that power through which you desire to penetrate. Therefore, there is a balance in the male/female relationship. You are motivated by your power to be hearty, to be projective, to be going in and penetrating. Then you move and you are relieved—you call this ejaculation. If you look at that basic human act, you can understand your total personality.

"All action of the spermatozoa is caused by the movement of its tail. Your ego is your tail. Put your ego behind you where it can move you. Don't put it up front. That's the secret of success. Whoever puts his ego behind will penetrate. That is the primary lesson you need to learn as a male. The spermatozoa are the male seed. It moves forward by moving its tail. Put your ego behind you and go forward. If you put your ego in front, you can never penetrate.

"Some of you men have fallen apart for a woman. Your marriage fails and you fail with it. That is not a true response. A woman can be your partner, she can be your love, she can be your life, she can be your anything, but she's not you. Anything you subject yourself to will take away your freedom and give you slavery. Then you are not a man, you are a donkey.The question in life is simple: Who rides whom? The question is whether a woman, some children, a girlfriend, a project, or any temptation is powerful enough that you have to subject yourself to it. There are only three permissible subjections of the self. They are subjection to higher consciousness, subjection to intuition, and subjection to God. Any other subjection is not permissible.

"According to you, a man is one who can drink a whole bottle of bourbon straight and still walk. Those are all stories of the old days: "A man is a man who will never tie up his horse and go with sixteen women." You remember those old stories about how the West was won? But now the story is different. Woman is intelligent, precise, intellectual. She has personality, surrounding, environment. She has understanding and education. She doesn't need you for money, for business, or even for sex. What I am trying to tell you is that the very deep feeling, the expression that a woman enjoys, which to her is very relaxing, very creative, very relevant, is when she believes and understands in her depth that she has found a man; and that in the depth of her heart, she can trust the wisdom of that man. Then she can forget everything that may be a handicap in that relationship."

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan