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Values and Virtues

Excerpts from Man to Man: A Journal of Discovery for the Conscious Man

"A growing man is affected in his integrity, his commitment, his dignity, and his communication by the difference between his external face value and his internal value. If your inner value doesn't match your face value, you're always in trouble. You should not forget that the outside is what you look at, but the inside is what you deal with. People are not dealing with your outside—the outside is giving an impression. It is the inside they are dealing with. The inner values are the real values, which people want to relate to. Therefore, please deal with your inner values and keep your face values impressive and clean.

"Accepting the challenge is the first act of the man and converting any adversity into prosperity is the second challenge of the man. Nurturing and caring is the third challenge of the man. Kindness and compassion is the fourth challenge of the man. Being noble and honorable is the fifth challenge of the man. These are the five challenges, which every man has to accept in his life whenever they come head on. Otherwise, you can call yourself a man but you are not. For that, you require character, instinct, intuition, intelligence, and knowledge.

"You must earn every bit of your life—everything. That's the only way to grow as a man. Earn your woman, earn your money, earn your home, earn your prospect, earn your progress, earn your success. Learn to earn; don't learn to get. Don't learn to get. Whatever you get you will lose, whatever you earn will be yours. What you can earn, you can re-earn. What you get, you can lose. There is a tremendous difference between the two faculties.

"A man who can give the convincing impression that he is very committed to values never suffers. Your life is not an irrelevant tug of war. It's not a hassle. All you have to do is find the values. That is so important because if you have not found the values for yourself as a father, you cannot find them for your son, your grandson, your neighbor, anybody."

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan