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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Flow of Life

Excerpts from a lecture by Yogi Bhajan on June 28, 1998, Espanola, New Mexico

The time from the old times to new times is a flow of time, which is the flow of life. Life is being totally misunderstood these days to the point that emotions, commotions, fantasies, and thoughtlessness make people forget who they are. But the reality is that the time which is coming before us demands the nearness of God and the human as one unit.

We have to understand that God lives in us, not outside us. So, under the old faculty of simplicity, life is very simple. But now the way life is very complicated, which is very disturbing to many people. Karmee aapo appanee ke nerai ke door—how lovely, pleasant, and near you are to God depends upon you, with your karm, your actions. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is Newton’s Third Law, and this is a science of aavaa gavan—come and go. It depends on every characteristic of your life, not only your character but your environment, your prosperity, and how you act.

There comes a man in his misfortune, he missed the fortune because he has acted wrong. Acting wrong is ill will; it is insecurity, putting people down, showing your authority, messing around with people, and creating conflict. Acting right is being sweet, mannerful, absolutely grateful, and working in harmony. It is understanding others as an equal part, not as low or small or high or exploiting them and doing those kinds of things.

So if the karm, the action, is inviting—the first duty is, the karm should be inviting. Secondly, if the inviting karm has all the rational logic to reach for settlement, for harmony, for working together, for being together, for getting it together, the other person will feel confident. And only then will the third step happen—there will be heart-to-heart talk.

Once you establish heart-to-heart talk, then the head will go for it. And when the head goes for it, prosperity has to come, because prosperity, at that time, is a moment of gain, a gesture given by Mother Nature. Normally, we don’t trust each other, we want to grab, and we just make life a mess.  When our thoughts are to make our earth very strong, we are definitely forgetting that we have weak heavens.   

Heavens and Earth have to be in balance with us. Our prayers, our dedication, our giving, our serving—all have to be as equally good as our earning. If an area is a bad area, the first thing people do is to put iron bars on the windows and the doors, and double lock them for security. Similarly, there is a spiritual security. If you are not radiant, and you are not shining, and you are not sweet, and your manners are not gracious, when you only know what you know and you don’t bother about anybody else, then the whole Universe will bother you. Because you will be out of the loop, you will never be part of it.

We are now entering another fourteen years[1] to follow the path where our game will be over. We are going to start playing a new game, the game of love. The game of love means to identify ourselves as Infinite, not as the individual. That’s the difference, the huge difference you have to understand today. Jinee naam dhiaai-aa—those who have meditated and identified their identity as Infinity; gay masakat ghaal—who have done this hard work; Nanak te mukh ujalay—their faces are bright and beautiful; Kaytee chutee naal—their account is all clear, they have a pathway straight and free.

So whether you are a man or a woman, whether you are argumentative or rational, whether you are withdrawn or aggressive, that’s up to you. Nobody can tell you what to do about that. But if you want a happy life, you have to become a very simple, solid, mutual, well-mannered and loving person.

It is your manners which will decide you. Cheap you act, cheap you will be. Priceless you act, infinite you will be. This is the very simple formula of life. People who indulge into the lower chakras will never reach the higher chakras, and people who are stuck in the higher chakras and have never reached the lower chakras are called “spaced out.” There has to be that balance. In this balance you have to bounce in life with joy. Your strength lies in your smiles and in your songs. We are fortunate that we have the Shabad Guru.[2] We like to reach out for happiness and prosperity and strength and courage so that time can’t take its toll.

©  The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

Published in Aquarian Times, July/August 2007

[1] Referring to the 2nd and 3rd seven year increments of time in this cusp period of time leading up to the Aquarian Age. It began in November of 1991.

[2] The Guru or teacher in the form of the sound current