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August 2011 Numerology Forecast: Rapid Change, Impulse Control, Tribal Connection

By Nam Hari Kaur Khalsa

The month of August shifts us into a highly charged emotional field of energy. We want what we want, and we want it now! There is an inherent impulsiveness roaming through our five senses, so watch out as you pass by the ice cream shop—you may feel the Jamoca Almond Fudge-Triple Ripple calling your name. It is okay to indulge a little, after all it's summertime. Just try to have a contained "freak out," as opposed to feeling that it's a mission from God to finish the entire party size bag of potato chips. You may have noticed that I have used examples of food twice to illustrate how people will be expressing their emotional imbalances. This is because the number 3 appears in the sublayers of the month, and 3 represents food. Three is also the emotion of anger when it is expressed in the negative polarity. Don't steal anybody's Twinkies, or you could be in for a fight.

Humor is important now, and also the ability to have fun in social settings—parties, a backyard barbeque, volleyball at the beach, a game of badminton, or rollerblade free-for-all are all ways to let off steam and release stress. The number 8 for August represents issues of power and authority. We won't like having anyone telling us what to do, and this sentiment will be felt especially by children. Keep the kids busy, or they will be driving you up the wall. Your frustration as a parent or caregiver will likely be expressed by over-reacting in the area of discipline (power number 8 at play!), when it is your creativity that is required to make the best of it. Children and teenagers just want our attention and acknowledgement, so would it really mess up your Day Planner schedule if you sat down on the floor and picked up a crayon to draw with your child? If your teenager imagines that there is no way you could ever understand what they are going through, find an old rock anthem on YouTube.com and let them listen to it. Talk about how you used to feel frustrated as a teenager, and maybe you won't appear so totally uncool to them anymore.

There is an especially important aspect to this time, and that is the appearance of the number 12 in the Base calculation (Base is: 8-August + 4 total Year = 12). The number 12 represent tribes, and the need to feel included in a group of people whose energy is of a similar spirit. There is a link between this month of August and the calendar year of 2012, as the number 12 appears there too. Notice who is around you, and the opportunities to connect with others of similar interests and inspirations. This is important now, as things will be changing so swiftly next year that at times you may feel like Dorothy in the "Wizard of Oz" during the tornado. The overall number for 2012 is a 5, and 5 represents rapidly changing circumstances. This will be much easier to navigate with a certain level of emotional support and connectivity.

It is nothing short of tragic that a brilliant young talent like Amy Winehouse had to die at such a young age. Where was her tribe? Maybe it was the wrong group of people, or maybe no one cared enough to step up to the plate. In the movie "Avatar" when someone was ill the entire tribe would gather to help heal that person. Through linking their energy and chanting together they were able to dispel the darkness in another's spirit.

Make this a time of renewed hope and vision for yourself and others, as we all move through this powerfully transformational time in human evolution. As Yogi Bhajan said:

"You have two enemies; fear and duality. Say "No". That's it. When you are afraid, just say, "No" and God will take care of it for you from that minute onward. I'll vouch for it. Trust Him. Dwell in Him and be gracious. Tomorrow's world is hoping for you to come through as saviors."

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