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Kid’s Yoga: It’s Supposed to be Fun!

By Shakta Khalsa

I always say to keep it fun and keep it yoga when working with children…the younger they are the more they “play” at yoga. And it is important that it is fun for you too, as the leader. When I am teaching yoga to children, I love it when the synergy is such that what they do and say delights me, and what I share with them in the form of playful yoga delights them. So it goes back and forth and everybody has a good time. Not only do we all have a good time but that joyful, uplifted energy carries over into our lives. Any way you look at it, we all win when we keep it fun and keep it yoga!

Speaking of fun, I had a lot of fun working with my updated version of iMovie and creating this catchy video–postcard style–of a great group I teach occasionally in an after-school program in my local area. Enjoy…in joy!