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Structural Yoga Therapy

By Shanti Shanti Kaur Khalsa, PhD


Many of us have students in our yoga classes who have challenges with a knee, a frozen shoulder or difficulty with the lower back. Some come to class following surgery for a hip or wrist. A few of us have experienced these restrictions ourselves.


Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training prepares us to teach yoga to people who are healthy, relatively fit and mobile. It does not train us to meet the needs of people with structural restrictions in a way that is corrective, not just adaptive. For that, we need a specialty course. Structural Yoga Therapy with Marlysa Sullivan from September 13 - 16 in Espanola, New Mexico is that course.


Yogi Bhajan told us that he came to the West to teach what has not been taught before and whenever I asked him a posture or structural therapy question he would say, "Go look in a Hatha Yoga book." The Structural Yoga Therapy training with Marlysa Sullivan is better than a book. It is a skill-building gem that will transform your relationship to Kundalini Yoga in ways subtle and profound.


If you have ever wondered what to do and what to avoid in your own yoga practice or as a teacher, this training is for you. If you want to help your students and yourself actually recover from an injury or a joint limitation through the corrective power of yoga, take this course!


At the Guru Ram Das Center for Medicine and Humanology, we are thrilled to offer this 4 day training with Marlysa Sullivan. Join us September 13-16 for this groundbreaking training. We are extending our pre- registration date to September 8th for readers of this blog. Register by September 8th and save. You can reach us for questions and more information at 505 753 4692 or [email protected].


This course is so important to your Yoga practice and Yoga teaching that you will want to enroll with a friend or colleague now while the discount rate is in effect. Please forward and share this message.


Every Blessing,

Shanti Shanti Kaur

Structural Yoga Therapy course info


 About Marlysa and Structural Yoga Therapy


“Marlysa is an outstanding yoga teacher with a strong background in physical therapy. This gives her a deep understanding of anatomy, proper alignment, muscle engagement and how they translate into yoga postures. She also brings a deep understanding of energy and how to use yoga for healing through breath and the use of meditation. It is the combination of these talents that makes Marlysa an exceptional instructor.” ~Holle Black


“I found the Musculoskeletal program to be incredibly useful and practical. The assessment skills I learned help me tremendously in my work with private clients as well as in my group classes. I now have a much more comprehensive understanding of how the muscles work together. Marlysa gave us the tools to work with students to improve their overall muscular functioning to reduce pain, create strength and ease movement on and off the mat. I highly recommend this program for all yoga teachers, body therapists and for anyone wanting to understand and improve their own musculoskeletal functioning.” ~S. Miles Crofton Maryland


“Marlysa has extensive knowledge of musculoskeletal anatomy and physiology which she communicates effectively to novices and professionals alike. Her teaching style is infused with compassion, clarity, and humor. Her experience as a physical therapist, yoga teacher, and yoga therapist, plus her enthusiasm for the healing aspects of yoga, make learning meaningful and fun.” ~ C. Mastin. Atlanta GA


“Marlysa presents the musculoskeletal assessment information and its applications clearly which helps me retain material. I do not have a medical background but felt confident after the class to immediately start assessing clients in my yoga practice. Overall, I find Marlysa to be a wonderful resource and always look forward to attending her classes because I know I will come away with a deeper knowledge of the body and how it relates to yoga.”  ~Niisa Morton, 500hr RYT  Falmouth, MA


Shanti Shanti Kaur Khalsa, PhD is founder and director of the Guru Ram Das Center for Medicine & Humanology. A yoga instructor since 1971, she began to specialize in teaching Kundalini Yoga and Meditation to people with chronic or life threatening illness and their family members in 1986, under the direction of Yogi Bhajan. The Center provides direct client services and yogically based programs for people with diabetes, cancer, heart disease, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, HIV, anxiety, depression and life transitions. We offer professional training and conduct outcome studies on the medical effects of yoga practice. Dr. Khalsa is a RYT 500, a KRI Certified yoga teacher trainer and a charter member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

She provides training to health professionals and yoga instructors on the application of yoga and meditation to the spiritual, psychological and behavioral aspects of getting and staying well. http://www.grdcenter.org