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The First All-French Kundalini Yoga Festival

Presented by the Board of the French Federation of Kundalini Yoga

Easter Monday ended with the first French-speaking Kundalini Yoga festival. This meeting fulfilled a two-fold desire of the French Federation of Kundalini Yoga: to bring together the French speaking community of Kundalini Yoga, and to share the teachings of Yogi Bhajan in the French language. We thank all the participants, teachers, and students for their presence, which has contributed to the success of this wonderful heartfelt meeting. We are planning to renew this experience at Easter 2011, at Fondjouan, so that our community can again vibrate in unison.

The central theme of this festival was "Be Together in the Joy of the Heart." The above photo was taken at the end of the festival. Someone called it "the picture of joy"—very well said when we see the broad smiles of all the participants.

For the first time in its history, the French speaking community of Kundalini Yogis got together, and fifty-six people made the trip to Fondjouan. Half of them were teachers; the other half were new and practiced students.

Teachers taught various Kundalini Yoga workshops, offering the tools need we need to make the transition to the Aquarian Age. Beyond their regular classes, students have discovered and appreciated the richness and diversity of these teachings of yoga and the lifestyle it offers.

We also invited Sat Kartar Kaur from Española, New Mexico, who is one of the few French-speaking students who was part of Yogi Bhajan’s staff for many years. She had the blessing to give him massage and keep his house, where she resides today as a caretaker. For three afternoons, she taught us about the Seven Steps to Happiness, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. She illustrated her class with numerous examples and very touching anecdotes drawn from his daily life, and these stories have been an inspirational source for all of us.

An important bridge has been established between the French-speaking community and the Mother Ashram of Española. Yogi Bhajan said, "God is everywhere, but his phone number is in Española.” The beautiful heart energy that we have created returned to Española with Sat Kartar Kaur, and continues to feed the whole community here.

We all left the festival wishing to meet again next year, with a larger community and happily share the joy.

Thoughts from the First French-Speaking Kundalini Yoga Festival

Big thank you for this festival, a real time-sharing, meeting, practicing ... lot of heart, joy, and oh the music and musicians! What a delight! I tasted the nectar of Yogi Bhajan, because, with videos, I admit, it does not work for me. I need, it is true, the quality that comes from Yogi Bhajan’s long-time students and staff. Still, my heart was touched! Even the photo of Yogi Bhajan is a real gift.

Madhura, Bordeaux, France

I was very happy to be there, I had a great time, and it made me want to return. I understand that we need to build a French identity in Kundalini Yoga. It will be a huge task, but I'm sure there will be people available to make it happen.

Nathalie, Pau, France

Thank you again for this fantastic five days. As Anne and I return to Marseilles, we are all invigorated—so much so, that yesterday we decided to go for a swim in the cold Mediterranean Sea and ran into a huge octopus! The adventures continue. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your efforts and the grace with which you have conducted this festival, despite the stress of preparation. What a pleasure to open my mailbox this morning. The pictures are a beautiful emanation of good vibrations, a good way to start the week! Sat Nam.

Anne and Anne, Marseille, France

I am back in Thonon, after this magnificent festival that has been for me a source of safe, deep emotions and joy with this beautiful energy that circulated. I came back different. It was as you said, a magical moment. Thank you for creating it, and see you soon!

Marie-Francoise, Thonon, France

Thank you again for this wonderful festival. I felt an open mind, heart, and much compassion on the part of all actors in this magnificent piece of theater that we played during the few days. Sat Nam.

Régis, Villelongue D'aude, France

So happy to have shared with you so much magnificence during this festival! I want to tell you that I keep these precious moments in my heart, and I hope to see you soon to share other moments.

Joëlle, Lyon, France

This French-speaking meeting was a real treat. A birth of the French sangat. Thank you to you for your energy, care, and love.

Gurujagat, Gap, France

My deepest gratitude to the organizers who allowed me to be part of the first French-speaking Kundalini Yoga Festival. It was an incredible experience and very rewarding to be with you all—your warm welcoming, your participation, your devotion, your kindness, your cheerfulness and good humor, as well as the discovery of my ability to teach a wider audience. I left feeling fed by the beautiful vibrations that you all have given to me so generously and that I share here in Española with the community. This festival took place in an incredible way because of your skills and great sense of organization. The place is beautiful and although the rain was at the “rendezvous,” the sun was shining in all hearts. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, and I hope to see you soon. With all my affection, humbly,

Sat Kartar Kaur, Española, New Mexico, USA

Guru Hans Kaur and Atma Singh were not able to be there but sent notes:

A very great emotion. When we arrived in Paris with two babies in our arms in 1976, Guru Hans Singh and I were absolutely the only Kundalini yogis in the country. And to see the picture, this bright and cheerful congregation is a huge inspiration and also a relief. It is up to the next generation of Kundalini yogis to play.

Guru Hans Kaur, Paris, France

I just saw the pictures. Everyone looks so radiant; looks like it was fantastic. So, big regret not having been there. See you soon.

Atma Singh, Corenc, France

The French Kundalini Yoga Festival was organized by three members of the Board of the French Federation of Kundalini Yoga (FFKY): Seva Kaur Khalsa, Atma Singh, and Dominique Puvilland. Seva Kaur began practicing Kundalini yoga in 1993. She is a Kundalini Yoga teacher, Sat Nam Rasayan® practitioner, and is working to translate The Master’s Touch, Conscious Pregnancy, and Kundalini Yoga: the Flow of Eternal Power into French. Atma Singh teaches Kundalini Yoga to business associates and high-level athletes. He is the French representative for KRI and supervises French translations from the Aquarian Teacher. Dominique teaches Kundalini Yoga and oversees communication through the FFKY web site. He also works with the communities of teachers from the South East of France.

For more information on the French Federation of Kundalini Yoga, visit www.kundalini.fr.