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Teaching Kundalini Yoga to the Special Children of Mexico

Sat Nam,

My name is Satraj Kaur. I was born in Toluca Mexico, and I am a 23 year old Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

One of my favorite things to do is to take care of children. Especially very young ones. It may be that’s why I feel I understand children very well. I also teach Kundalini Yoga to teenagers. My emphasis on yoga is to have fun with it, to make it a practice in which you love that feeling of wanting to do it, not because you have to do it, but because makes you feel happy. I explain the teachings to the children with love and understanding.

It has been a big lesson for me to learn and a great challenge. But look at them when they smile. It is is a complete blessing, and one I want for every one.

It is a pleasure to honor the students of this special yoga class, they are teachers of life and of how grateful we can be for having a complete body, and a human experience, with our five senses aware.

People just like them are waiting for somebody to smile, to hug them, to speak to them or just to share a little time with them, playing or singing. They are people like us, who are growing and who need to learn how to be independent. One little thing like tying their shoelaces, could take them years to learn. They are the blessings of God that give us a deep understanding of life. They express truth spontaneously. They are their true selves, without judging they act what they feel in that moment.

They are souls inside of disfunctional bodies, with neuronal problems, brain or facial incapacities, like Down's Syndrome, autism and mental retardation.

The light of life is within them. You can see it when they smile, or in their eyes, or when they show their feelings as they always do. They are telepathic and very sensitive to vibrations. Most of them are under medical care and take very strong medicine that heavily affects their nervous systems.

This is a big challenge. These students may be aggressive. They have neuronal impulses they cannot control. It is very important for them to breathe, to shake their body and to dance. They love to do that! I love to look these people in the eyes and give them a reason to feel loved, accepted and normal like everybody else.

One day I couldn't come to class, and a younger student gave them the warm ups! When I came and I found her giving instructions to the others! I almost cried with joy. After that, she gave the warm up exercises in every class.

When their families come to an open class they are so surprised and happy. Imagine if Kundalini Yoga can do this for these people, what it can do for us!

I feel so grateful to our teacher Yogi Bhajan for bringing us these teachings and to my own soul for following them.

If someone needs help, or if you just want to send your comments, or anything I can help you with, please write to me at [email protected].


Satraj Kaur