Tu sei qui

Global Seva Project: Simple Disciplines = Lots of Happiness

By Dev Atma Kaur

In the seven steps to happiness outlined by Yogi Bhajan, the 6th step, Power to Sacrifice, equates to seva and leads directly to happiness. Small, almost unnoticed seva done consistently over time can make a massive difference in our world.  Please enter your seva hours on the 3HO.org site. It is very simple to do. As a group we need to record 108,000 hours of service to use as a forklift to get the seva message out to the world. I also need stories to share with others as we grow the Global Seva Project. This is a tool we need to create together. It only takes a few minutes to record your hours and story on the site. And you can connect with others doing seva on the Global Seva Project facebook page.

The book "The Slight Edge" by Jeff Olson is a game changer. I highly recommend buying a copy and reading it cover to cover. I love the wisdom of applying the concept of the slight edge philosophy to seva. I love imagining what our world would be like if this concept was applied by the majority—the 80% not the 20%. What a happy peaceful world: simply, daily good decisions over time vs. daily errors in judgment—it’s easy to do but also easy not to do. It is impossible to be happy if you don't get yourself off of your mind and start reaching out to someone else. If anyone is interested in reading this book and having an informal discussion, please let me know by sending me a message. I will set up a chat time for us. 

Elizabeth Fritz-Hoekstra (Dev Atma Kaur) spent a semester in Spain and six months in Cochabamba, Bolivia post graduation. In Bolivia she volunteered at Amanecer Orphanage and also at the Archeological Museum of Cochabamba. Elizabeth and her husband of 22 years, Todd Hoekstra, have 2 wonderful children: Elliot and Sophia. Elizabeth bought her family business from her father in 2006. Her father died eight weeks later which began a five year process which led her to discover her love for oil painting, essential oils, Kundalini Yoga, the Global Seva Project, and herself. The rest of her bio is yet to unfold. She can be reached at [email protected]