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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Japji - Beyond Time and Space

Excerpts from a lecture given at the Japji Course on June 17, 2003 in Espanola, NM

Mother Nature creates environments and circumstances in which you must pay for your karma. Karma we must do and whatever we do for ourselves is a karma; whatever we do for others is a dharma. There is no such thing as dharma prescribed by such and such person or people, or God spoke to you from the heavens. It doesn't work that way. 

Dharma is when you consciously put yourself together to work for others, for their happiness, for their benefit, for taking away their pain, giving them a life, serving them. It doesn't exclude your spouse and your children. It saves others, anybody other than you. If you are sweet, kind, compassionate, serviceful, it is an act of dharma and it will be accounted for.

Japji introduces you to yourself. Study it that way, in small lines. There is a stone at the ranch that I put my memory line on. It says, "Ketia dukh bukh sadh maar eh be dat teree dataar." [“So many endure distress, deprivation, and abuse. Even these are your gifts, oh great giver.”] Nanak is you, in you, around you; in your action, in your thought, in your imagination, in your projection. Nanak makes your karma into dharma.

And you will find that outside you and inside you, every word of Japji is true. Then you can declare anything you want—blessed God has blessed you; His hand is guiding you. Calm down. Don't fight with personality, follow the reality.

Clear is your consciousness, self-kindness is your virtue. And you are looking forward to that tranquility and peace which is your wealth. Who can match up with you? You may not value yourself; that is a separate issue. But fact is a fact. That is what Japji is all about. Each sutra is complete, and in my whole life, this one line was the guiding line for this one life:

"Ketia dukh bukh sadh maar eh be dat teree dataar."

Then you can live very happily. Then, there is no conflict left. There is no ego heard. Then you can never become a victim of depression. Then you can slide through desh (space) and kaal (time). That is the highest achievement of a human—to slip through time and space. In Japji you will be surprised, even the thieves have a place.

They are all accounted for because Japji doesn't provide any barrier to any human. It is like an ocean which has rivers coming into it. It is the solution of a life of peace and tranquility, and union of a creature with the Creator.

If you understand even one sutra of Japji, that is more than enough. It should become your guiding guide. You should realize that is what you liked and that is what Nanak said for you.

This is my prayer: that you learn Japji by heart. You can sing it thoroughly well. If you want to master something, teach that. It shall be true. Nanak spoke Japji for those who today don't value it. You have picked it up. Spread it, it will open up many doors for you. For those who are walking in darkness, by the self-realization, it is the simplest way, very simple. I am hopeful that you will remember it.

Lecture ©2003 - The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings®