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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Deathlessness

Excerpts from a lecture given on 10/26/89 in Los Angeles, CA

Just feel and understand that life is to face it. God has given you two things: face and grace. As a human race you got two tips from God—face and grace.

There cannot be more appreciation of a man than the Akal. Akal means that which cannot die, deathless. Kal means death, Akal means deathlessness. Akal moorat means you are the pictorial of the existence of deathlessness. That's the real translation of it.

Ajoonee means you do not come into birth and death because you are a soul. You only drive and drop the opaque body, the physical opaque body. Otherwise your nine bodies are always intact, you only drop the zero body.

You have ten bodies. You have a spiritual body. Is that true, ha? You have a negative mental body, a positive mental body, a neutral mental body, a physical body, an arc body, an auric body, a pranic body, a subtle body and then you have a radiant body which is called shield. Correct? They are all intact?

When you die you drop the physical body and your soul leaves in the subtle body. The shell is always there. In other words, two go and eight go to their home. The physical body goes to the Earth; boxed up or burned, it doesn't matter. So who dies? Akal moorat—what is the translation of it? You are the pictorial existence of the deathlessness. Ajoonee, you never come and go. Saibang, by your own self.

Guru kripa thay pagath kamayi, taaye maanas dehi paayi, is dehi ko simrae dev.

"With Gurus grace we meditated and worshiped and received this body from God as a gift."

Even the angels want this body because this physical body, this temple or shell, is the only way to go. You know the crabs which walk on the bottom of the ocean? You know why they have a hard shell? Because of all the pressure of the water. Hermit Crabs come in and get into a shell and go into the water. Then they come out, discard the shell and move away, isn't it funny? Even they know that in the depth of the water under pressure, they need a shell.

You have a radiant body which communicates for you and you don't do Sadhana. Sadhana is going in the morning in the ambrosial hours when the sun’s rays hit a sixty degree angle to give yourself an elevated polish. There is no big deal.

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