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Numerology for December 2016: Inclusiveness

By Nam Hari Kaur

What a year it has been—barely a Soul unscathed by upheaval and turmoil. Why so? Number 9 being the Universal Cycle number for the overall year of 2016 has brought a wave of cleansing, completion, and release. If it is not meant to be, it is going, going, gone.

One of the most difficult aspects of 2016 that people are dealing with is the feeling of not being in control in the same way that we felt before. This has generated a lot of anger and frustration in the present cultural climate.

Even as I am just writing this, I am chuckling to myself, as the lawn crew has just started up outside with their loud lawn mowers. My immediate reaction was, “How could you do this? You’re not supposed to be here till Tuesday. You are messing up my peace and quiet. Can’t you see I’m doing important work here?” Then, after calming myself down for a bit, and tuning into my Neutral Mind, I realized why God invented the Ipod shuffle and earbuds. Problem solved.

The month of December requires a playful creativity in order to be able to see the “Forest for the trees,” as the expression goes. Number 3 (December 1+2 = 3), is one of the more emotional numbers. When it’s up, it’s really up, and when it’s down things can appear dismal and depressed.

The best Christmas present you can give yourself this year is 11 minutes of Sat Kriya a day for the month of December. Number 3 is the Naval Point, and a strong 3rd chakra is essential to not getting swayed by the waves of emotional energy on the planet at this time.

Because of the increased feeling of not being in control, and the anxiety that causes, many people will feel entitled to absolutely “check out.” The alcohol and newly legalized “weed” industries will be seeing record profits pouring in this holiday season. Be extra careful when driving, because some people will not be able to see you. Literally.

Let’s look to more solutions for those of us who want to “Resolve and Release” what we need to in this 9 year of completion and “Mastery over Mystery.” Part of how everyone suffers in their life is by not understanding their own Mastery number. The Mastery number is your month of birth, and it is what you have come here to master and work on in this lifetime. That isn’t always easy, particularly because it is part of what connects us to other people. It is where we feel the “pinch” so to speak, when things are not working out well with those around us.

Mastery Number Video Gift

As a special Season’s Greetings gift to you, I have created a video that explains the primary issues your Mastery number needs to address while finishing up this year. See, there’s a cosmic Santa that remembered you after all!  

Amidst the turmoil of people’s emotions, there is a silver lining. The Heart number for December is a 10, and the overall number for 2017 is a 10 as well. Sometimes it takes a certain level of anger and frustration to stir things up enough, so we may recognize where our lives are not working, and why. The number 10 has to do with achievement and our place in the world. Have you been holding back in some way, all the time knowing in your heart of hearts that you are capable of so much more?

The answer to this is likely, “Yes,” and now is the time to explore where your next plateau of inspiration might be. Is it in the environment and raising awareness for the health of planet Earth and the Animal Kingdom? Just google, “How can I help the planet now?” and see what comes up.

We have entered times which require everyone, in some way, to participate in the evolution of a happier, healthier world to live in, and to pass down to future generations.

The number 12 of December represents inclusiveness, similar to King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. King Arthur invited all the Lords, Nobles, Princes, etc. to sit with him in conscious communion at the Round Table, to establish a lasting peace in the land.

This is the only way we’re going to get through the days ahead, because a lack of inclusiveness incites resentment and rebellion.

Next year has a luckiness in it, for those who have the energy and awareness to adapt and flow with the changing times. The calendar year of 2017 being a 10 (2+0+1+7= 10), requires a personal courage and fortitude to excel through. A half-hearted attempt won’t work in any area of your life.

Number 10 is “All or Nothing!” This could sound challenging or even scary, yet, isn’t it always the hero or heroine we so dearly admire in novels and film? Don’t we always think to ourselves, “I wish that could be me saving the day”? Well, that day is just around the corner, so enjoy your holiday season, and know there will be a new reason and a way for you to participate and be appreciated in the New Year. The Angels have their eye on you, and will send a light that will lead you in the right direction, as days unfold into the New Year.

“The collective psyche of people in love changes others.”
-Yogi Bhajan, 1-17-2000

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