Tu sei qui

Me―Stay Calm?

By Alyson Atma Simms

When I first read this writing prompt—Staying Calm in Chaotic Times—my emotions flared up and said, “We shouldn’t stay calm! We should all be up in arms at what is happening in our world! The news these days should get everyone up off the couch and into the street yelling at the top of our lungs! Don’t tell me to stay calm!” 

But then I read Yogi’s Bhajan’s quote: “My request to you is, do not let your calmness go.” 

Ah-ha…I immediately got it. Big exhale. Let the grace flow in. He’s saying we can do all those things, like change our political systems, heal the pains of each other, and my personal favorite, bring down the patriarchy. But stay calm during it.

Staying calm doesn’t mean suppress anger, frustration and hopelessness. It means move the energy these emotions give us into righteous action, penetrating speech and profound compassion. Use them to create change. Let them flow through you, but don’t forget them. 

Let your emotions move you to take action. 

Kundalini Yoga can help you move your mind from the chaos happening to see the bigger picture going on. Instead of staying profoundly and continually shocked, you can start to focus on solutions. This practice helps you to not get lost in the internal and external confusion. It will clear the window of your mind and soul.

Kundalini Yoga can help you clear the distractions that show up in the form of fear, frustration and hate that tempt the humanness in all of us. This practice can bring a breath of fresh air to your spirit. Then you may move forward with fierce grace and power to make positive changes. 

Will you become fearless? Yes. You will fear less. It is not fear none or fear not. It is fear less. Your courage will become bigger than your fear to take the right action. Will you become sad, angry and lost? Yes, these are human traits. Keep up with your practice and watch them move through you to bring you back into balance—always. Again and again. As many times as you need. Keep up with your practice. Make it your non-negotiable habit. Watch yourself become brighter and full of the capacity to make those changes you want to see in your world. 

I’ll leave you with a few more quotes from Yogi Bhajan: 

“Freaking out is nothing but ‘freak is out.’ If the freak is in, he will become something. Somebody said to me, "Sir, I am freaking out." I said, "Sir, freak in." There is nothing in freaking out. "I want to freak out." I said, "All right, freak out for two, three hours then 'freak in' for five, six hours."

“Spiritual path is the most delicate path. It is a path of those who know no time, because spiritual path enables you to go above time and space. When you are subject to time and space, you are just insane. You can never be happy because the pressure of time and space shall not let you be happy. You have to pull your head above time and space.”

“Man under stress is his own enemy.”

Alyson Atma Simms, Owner of Atma’s Offerings, E-RYT 500 Kundalini, 200 Hatha, is a natural bridge between the earthly and divine realms. Her teaching style brings an intensity of Spirit, while enveloping you in grace and humor. Your body will tune, your mind will balance, your courage will be summoned, and most importantly, your soul will shine. Her teaching, yoga practice and healing ability and has taken her around the world to teach for the past decade. Her passions include international travel, dance, and creating community through business and healing groups. http://atmasofferings.com/