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Open Your Heart with "Akaal" Celestial Communication

By Adarsh Kaur Khalsa

Opening the heart and awakening to greater love is a journey most of us are on for a lifetime. It is not a one-time event to open the heart, but a continuing process and discovery.

Love is like a tree throughout the seasons, where sometimes it looks dormant and the focus turns deep into the roots of love and the essence of self; sometimes the leaves are falling to release what is not loving in our lives; and at other times we see that love is like the branches of a tree that continue to grow and blossom with new leaves and flowers, with new ways to experience love we had never known before. 

We yogis often ask ourselves questions about love such as, how can I have more self-love, or how can I forgive and be more compassionate to my family and friends? And in this introspection, we can view this quite individually. But in truth, love is collective. It is about relationships—with the divine, with ourselves, with our friends, families and significant others, and with every part of the cosmos.

We first learn how to love from our primary caregivers. We absorb their affection, words and the loving gaze of their eyes, and at the same time we pick up on judgments, conditioned 'loving', and the lack of acceptance and love our caregivers have for themselves. And these are usually the same patterns of love and attachment that have been passed down through our caregivers’ families for generations. 

So when we look at opening our hearts to greater love, it is helpful to see that we are part of something bigger than ourselves. Expanding out from our families, we are a part of neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, nations, a global community, the biosphere and beyond. We are affected by and reflected by all of those around us in our patterns of love. Synchronously, one person can be the spark of love that changes the whole family and even the world.

To open up an awareness of greater love, we can practice the Akaal Celestial Communication (moving your upper body with the sound current in a meditative form). This beautiful song written by Ajeet Kaur and featuring Trevor Hall repeatedly vibrates the mantra Akaal, which honors the eternal and timeless nature of the soul. This carries in it the essence of love, for to recognize our own immutable nature and that of others completely changes how we resonate with love.

This vibration of love is beyond the roles and functions that we play; it is patient and trusting and connected to the infinite source. It is even more than giving and receiving; it is the being-ness of love. 

Inside the heart is that eternal space
That melody showed me my own true face

The English lyrics of Akaal relate to the connection of love that is specific to our soul's experience in this life—both the soul to soul and temporal relationship we have with our family and ancestors, and the Earth and the ancestors of the land we live on. By listening, singing, and moving with this song in Celestial Communication, we can release the pain and wounds that are present in our bodies and our families. The gift is that this also creates a pathway to a relationship with our ancestors supporting this healing so that it is not a healing from, but a collective healing with each other.

At the soul consciousness, our ancestors are "calling for your healing." Their love is to support our healing and growth. They went as far as they could go in their evolution and collective love, and now they are supporting us to continue to expand our hearts. The blessing we give to the ancestors and the world is when we take the steps to grow into greater love. 

To practice: 

Sit with a tall spine in a comfortable place, on a cushion or a chair. 

Watch the Celestial Communication and do your best to follow along with the arm movements. It does not need to be perfect, and can take a few rounds to feel in sync with the rhythm and flow of the motions. 

Mirror the movements with the video, so that when Adarsh Kaur is moving her right arm, you are moving your left, as though you are looking in a mirror. 

Breathe consciously as you move, and feel free to sing and chant along as well. 

Sense the feeling of your hands and fingers moving through the air, and stretch into the movements fully so that you feel the length of your spine, the connection of your arms extending from your heart, and your arms expanding into your aura.

Make this a living and moving prayer for yourself and your family. Set your intention, and feel that your prayer is being carried out, expressed and blessed, through your body. 

Celestial Communication created and led by Adarsh Kaur. Music by Ajeet Kaur and Trevor Hall, © 2016 Spirit Voyage Records

Adarsh Kaur began her study of Kundalini Yoga in 1999. She became a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher. She learned the practical applications of yoga in business, relationships, communication and community. She continues to study and teach Kundalini yoga and Celestial Communication globally and, in her role as a Kundalini Research Institute Teacher Trainer, mentors students towards becoming teachers. https://www.adarshkaur.com/