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Yogic Living: A Light on Service

Service is yoga in action. When we practice Kundalini Yoga, we tap our inner power and potential. When we truly unfold into our highest self, we practice the highest art: service. Whether it's working for a cause for the betterment of humanity; helping someone in need with daily tasks; or being present as a light of love and compassion in your community; share your light, your love, your smiles, your time, your money, your strength, and make a difference in the lives of others.

“When I am honored in my consciousness for doing something, it is seva. When I stand before my consciousness, feel good, and say, ‘I am so blessed that I could do it,’ that's seva.”
–Yogi Bhajan, 7/22/78

As part of 3HO Foundation’s 50th Anniversary, we will be honoring 50 great souls who have brought Kundalini Yoga to underserved and impoverished communities around the globe. We are inviting 50 extraordinary individuals to attend Summer Solstice in Espanola, New Mexico in our new Luminary program. For more information and to nominate a Luminary, click here.

 “We have to become reservoirs of energy. Our words, our sight, our presence should be in a position to change the frequency of a person who needs the jump-start. Do it with words, with touch, with sight and with prayer. It’s the same thing. It doesn’t matter what condition you are in. But it does matter how precise and clear you are to lift up the other person.”
–Yogi Bhajan, 6/22/01

Take the cosmic power of the Kundalini and become a channel to serve. Use your energy and creativity to give without asking, serve without reward, and uplift all who cross your path.  

Wisdom from the Master

Quotes on Giving & Seva


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Yogi Bhajan on the Power of Giving


Dharmic Living

Seva and Service 

The Sacred Action: Devotional Service by Sewa Singh

The Path of the Giver by Kirpal Singh


Kundalini Yoga Technology

Kriya for Keep Up Spirit 
“Give us the power to serve and uplift all those who need us.”

Meditation for Becoming a Channel to Uplift Others in the Aquarian Age 
Disintegrate yourself into 30 trillion cells and let the magnetic field move through all the power of the planets, the stars, and everything. Let your electromagnetic field magnify itself and expand out. Let Infinity be your touch.

Meditation to Arouse Mercy and Compassion
Open your heart and give your love. 

Meditation for Burn-Out
In order to serve and to give, we need energy. It is easy to overdo it and become depleted and burned out. This is the best thing to do when you think you are getting burned out. “We totally zero our authoritative magnetic field."

Kriya for Inner Vitality & Stamina 
This kriya unleashes the energy that is within you. It opens the energy superhighway of the sushmuna and the spine.

Kriya for Becoming Like Angels
To become like angels we need the inner strength to be secure, to give to all, to be con­sumed in the ser­vice of life and destiny. This set is said to give you the health and inner energy to live from your angelic nature.

Kriya for Energy & Rejuvenation
As we transition to the Aquarian Age, the pressures will only continue to increase. We all need to be as vital as we can possibly be in order to serve and uplift ourselves and everyone around us.

Guru Kriya: Touch Every Heart 
"Give because God gives to you. Love because that is your purpose in life. Shine because it is important. Share because it is demanded of you. Make your heart flow like a river. Realize that this time is given to you to be pure and to live in piety, with a burning fire of compassion, touching every heart."


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