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Numerology for April: Extra Agitation in the Air

By Nam Hari Kaur

This is not a fluffy forecast, so fasten your safety belts. It is never good to dwell on tragedy, and yet I was personally stopped in my tracks by the news that two of the teenagers who had survived the Parkland High School shooting in 2018, had both just committed suicide within the same week in March this year.

What is going on, and what are we missing as a society and a culture that so desperately fails our youth? Where are we headed as a humanity when people can no longer safely sit and pray in their places of worship?

These are huge questions that have no easy answer, and yet, at the root of it all is a similar resonance discord. And the essence of that discord is, “You will hear me now.”

People’s pain, and their unending inability to relieve this pain, is the driving force behind self- or acted-out destruction. We must first quell the unrest from within before we can be effective with others, and the month of April is a time to reset and balance your own psyche.

Your ability to safely navigate this month on every level boils down to your ability to keep the number 5 in balance. The Heart number for April is a 5, via the number 14 (4 month + 10 Gift = 14 = 5). Number 14 in the negative polarity is harsh in communication, physically forceful, and potentially destructive.

Number 5 also represents the physical body, and where you choose to place yourself. This is not a good month for exotic travel destinations; keep things safe and close to home base.

Something called the Transformer number is strongly at play here, and the Transformer number for the 14 is a 6 (10-4=6). Number 6 is the Fire Element, so be careful not to let things heat up in any area of life. “Diffuse and Deflect,” could be a good motto for now, as when number 14 goes negative it is looking for a fight.

As we are always looking for ways to elevate our personal and world condition, it is important to note that number 6 is additionally the Power of Prayer and meditation.

The “Meditation for Keeping Up with the Times,” is a good way to stay elevated and keep your projective psyche on a high frequency. You will be better able to hold your own space, and navigate the external environments, by having this mantra in your auric field.

There are times in life to act with bold daring and confidence, and there are other times when it is best to wait and let things come to you. The month of April is more of a “wait and see” time, a time to let certain forces play themselves out before a clearer time is available to let grand plans take root.

There is some good news in this forecast, and that is the months of May, June, and July of 2019 have an accelerated link to them. Things will be happening very swiftly and with great synchronization in this 3 month jet stream. All three of these months are good for marriage and new business ventures as well. Better for world travel too.

Okay, now back to the bad stuff. There are 6 days this month that are particularly scratchy, and they are the 4th, 10th, 13th, 19th, 22nd, and 28th. Minimize and stay out of the fray on these days, as there is an extra agitation in the air. Take a quiet moment to sit and pray for peace in the world, holding a space for calm and conscious resolution.

So much of the success of life these days is in how we are holding the space of our own electro-magnetic field. How alert we are to the hidden agenda behind the initial good will gesture, and why we may need to pass on that new connection.

There is a hidden jewel in the rubble, and that jewel is in your ability to catch the repeating pattern before it initiates again. Your ability to recognize the gift in this, and make the necessary adjustments, is your insurance policy to streaming into the good fortune ahead. 

Here is a good example of catching the pattern in time. Let’s say you are all excited about the full moon sound bath at Bliss Tree Yoga this Friday night. You’re pre-paid and ready to go! Then, that Friday afternoon your car won’t start, and you’re suddenly in a panic to find a ride to the evening event. You send out two distress calls to people that you know are going, asking if you can ride along with them. There is almost an immediate response from one person, but at the same time you are listening to their voicemail you think to yourself, “Something's not quite right here.” Not waiting to hear back from your other friend, you commit to the ride in question. You’re now standing curb-side in your best whites with yoga mat in hand as your friend pulls up to whisk you away to the realm of health and healing.

Just one problem though, as soon as you sit down next to her in the passenger seat you are hit with a toxic wave of anger as she vents about her good-for-nothing husband that she is oh so ready to divorce. After soaking in her 30 minute Rage-a-thon you feel as if you are going to need about 5 sound baths just to break even. And you are now kicking yourself for not listening to your initial gut instinct, because if you had waited a little bit longer you could have accepted a ride from your other friend who called 15 minutes later.

It is a hard training at times, believe me, I understand this. And yet it is really the only game in town as far as maintaining yourself and your equilibrium.

I am a great fan of biographies, and will often watch the histories of famous people on Youtube. It gives me a perspective as to the scope of their life, and what it took over time to achieve something. One of my favorite biographies is of Maya Angelou, our great American poet. She was raised by her grandmother, as her maternal mom was not capable of caring for her. In spite of great difficulties in her childhood, Maya was nurtured by words of encouragement. This gave her a vast wellspring of emotional and spiritual support to draw from in her adult years.

Our children need stories of faith, encouragement, and vision, so they may have a heartfelt point of reference to hold on to when things get tough. They are the future, and in Maya’s own words she says,

“The children to whom we read simple stories may or may not show gratitude, but each boon we give strengthens the pillars of the world.”
-Maya Angelou

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