Names and Pronunciations

Please keep the following in mind as you integrate your spiritual name into your life:

  • It is important to use the correct naad (inner sound current) when speaking your name and when teaching others how to pronounce it. Pronunciation is paramount!
    • Listen carefully to the sound byte (pronunciation) of your spiritual name. Pronounce it slowly, and let it resonate within you.
    • If you find that your name does not appear as a sound byte, please contact us.
  • There may be more than one correct way to spell your name. As most of the names are derived from Gurbani (the sacred language of the Sikhs), there is not a direct transliteration from its alphabet to the English alphabet. Whatever spelling makes the most sense to YOU, and helps you and other people to pronounce your name correctly, is the best spelling to use. We have suggested a common way to spell your name, but remember the most important thing is the correct pronunciation.
  • Note that most of these spiritual names are non-gender specific, differentiated by using either Singh (male) or Kaur (female).
  • Yogi Bhajan said that using your spiritual name in its entirety is the best way to get the most benefit from it.


GagandeepListen to Gagandeep
GaganjeetListen to Gaganjeet
GaganjotListen to Gaganjot
GaganpreetListen to Gaganpreet
GajinderListen to Gajinder
Geet AnandListen to Geet Anand
Geet AnandaListen to Geet Ananda
Geet AtmaListen to Geet Atma
Geet PrakashListen to Geet Prakash
Geet SimranListen to Geet Simran
GhanshamListen to Ghansham
GianListen to Gian
Gian AdeshListen to Gian Adesh
Gian AkalListen to Gian Akal
Gian AkashaListen to Gian Akasha
Gian AmarListen to Gian Amar
Gian AmritListen to Gian Amrit
Gian AngadListen to Gian Angad
Gian ArdasListen to Gian Ardas
Gian AtmaListen to Gian Atma
Gian ChandListen to Gian Chand
Gian ChandraListen to Gian Chandra
Gian DarshanListen to Gian Darshan
Gian DayaListen to Gian Daya
Gian DayalListen to Gian Dayal
Gian DevaListen to Gian Deva
Gian DeviListen to Gian Devi
Gian DharamListen to Gian Dharam
Gian DyalListen to Gian Dyal
Gian FatehListen to Gian Fateh
Gian InderListen to Gian Inder
Gian JaspreetListen to Gian Jaspreet
Gian JiwanListen to Gian Jiwan
Gian JotiListen to Gian Joti
Gian KamalListen to Gian Kamal
Gian KaramListen to Gian Karam
Gian KartaListen to Gian Karta
Gian KartarListen to Gian Kartar
Gian KirinListen to Gian Kirin
Gian KriyaListen to Gian Kriya
Gian ManpreetListen to Gian Manpreet
Gian ManpremListen to Gian Manprem
Gian NamListen to Gian Nam
Gian NarayanListen to Gian Narayan
Gian NivasListen to Gian Nivas
Gian ParamListen to Gian Param
Gian PrabhuListen to Gian Prabhu
Gian PrakashListen to Gian Prakash
Gian PriyaListen to Gian Priya
Gian RaiListen to Gian Rai
Gian RamaListen to Gian Rama
Gian RatanListen to Gian Ratan
Gian RaviListen to Gian Ravi
Gian SahaiListen to Gian Sahai
Gian SampuranListen to Gian Sampuran
Gian SandeepListen to Gian Sandeep
Gian SangatListen to Gian Sangat
Gian SaranListen to Gian Saran
Gian SavitriListen to Gian Savitri
Gian SeemaListen to Gian Seema
Gian SevaListen to Gian Seva
Gian SevakListen to Gian Sevak
Gian ShantiListen to Gian Shanti
Gian SimranListen to Gian Simran
Gian SiriListen to Gian Siri
Gian SitaListen to Gian Sita
Gian SooryaListen to Gian Soorya
Gian SubaghListen to Gian Subagh
Gian SundriListen to Gian Sundri
Gian UttamListen to Gian Uttam
Gian VedyaListen to Gian Vedya
Gian VicharListen to Gian Vichar
Gian ViriamListen to Gian Viriam
GianbirListen to Gianbir
GiandeepListen to Giandeep
GiandevListen to Giandev
GiandhanListen to Giandhan
GiandhirListen to Giandhir
GiangeetListen to Giangeet
GianjasListen to Gianjas
GianjeetListen to Gianjeet
GianjogListen to Gianjog
GianjotListen to Gianjot
GianleenListen to Gianleen
GianmeetListen to Gianmeet
GianpreetListen to Gianpreet
GianpremListen to Gianprem
GianrangListen to Gianrang
GianroopListen to Gianroop
GiansukhListen to Giansukh
GiantekListen to Giantek
GobindListen to Gobind
Gobind AdiListen to Gobind Adi
Gobind AkalListen to Gobind Akal
Gobind AmritListen to Gobind Amrit
Gobind DevListen to Gobind Dev
Gobind GianListen to Gobind Gian
Gobind InderListen to Gobind Inder
Gobind KevalListen to Gobind Keval
Gobind KirpalListen to Gobind Kirpal
Gobind KirtanListen to Gobind Kirtan
Gobind NamListen to Gobind Nam
Gobind PreetListen to Gobind Preet
Gobind PremListen to Gobind Prem
Gobind RaiListen to Gobind Rai
Gobind RaviListen to Gobind Ravi
Gobind SangeetListen to Gobind Sangeet
Gobind SangeetaListen to Gobind Sangeeta
Gobind SatyaListen to Gobind Satya
Gobind SeetalListen to Gobind Seetal
Gobind SevaListen to Gobind Seva
Gobind SevakListen to Gobind Sevak
Gobind ShaktiListen to Gobind Shakti
Gobind ShantiListen to Gobind Shanti
Gobind SooryaListen to Gobind Soorya
Gobind VedyaListen to Gobind Vedya
GobindeListen to Gobinde
Gobinde AkalListen to Gobinde Akal
Gobinde AvtarListen to Gobinde Avtar
Gobinde BaniListen to Gobinde Bani
Gobinde NidhanListen to Gobinde Nidhan
Gobinde PreetListen to Gobinde Preet
Gobinde RamListen to Gobinde Ram
Gobinde RaviListen to Gobinde Ravi
Gobinde SangeetListen to Gobinde Sangeet
Gobinde SaranListen to Gobinde Saran
Gobinde SatyaListen to Gobinde Satya
Gobinde ShaktiListen to Gobinde Shakti
GopalListen to Gopal
Gopal AdiListen to Gopal Adi
Gopal AnandListen to Gopal Anand
Gopal ArdasListen to Gopal Ardas
Gopal ArjanListen to Gopal Arjan
Gopal BachanListen to Gopal Bachan
Gopal BasantListen to Gopal Basant
Gopal ChandListen to Gopal Chand
Gopal DevaListen to Gopal Deva
Gopal FatehListen to Gopal Fateh
Gopal HariListen to Gopal Hari
Gopal InderListen to Gopal Inder
Gopal IndraListen to Gopal Indra
Gopal JapaListen to Gopal Japa
Gopal KaramListen to Gopal Karam
Gopal KirinListen to Gopal Kirin
Gopal KirtanListen to Gopal Kirtan
Gopal MiterListen to Gopal Miter
Gopal NamListen to Gopal Nam
Gopal NirbhaoListen to Gopal Nirbhao
Gopal PreetListen to Gopal Preet
Gopal PriyaListen to Gopal Priya
Gopal RaviListen to Gopal Ravi
Gopal SadhanaListen to Gopal Sadhana
Gopal SangatListen to Gopal Sangat
Gopal SantokhListen to Gopal Santokh
Gopal SeemaListen to Gopal Seema
Gopal SimranListen to Gopal Simran
Gopal SooryaListen to Gopal Soorya
Gopal TejListen to Gopal Tej
Gopal VedyaListen to Gopal Vedya
GotamListen to Gotam
Gun AkalListen to Gun Akal
Gun GianListen to Gun Gian
Gun InderListen to Gun Inder
Gun KiretListen to Gun Kiret
Gun NidhanListen to Gun Nidhan
GunbirListen to Gunbir
GunjotListen to Gunjot
GunpreetListen to Gunpreet
GunpremListen to Gunprem
GunratanListen to Gunratan
GuruListen to Guru
Guru AmarListen to Guru Amar
Guru AmritListen to Guru Amrit
Guru AnterListen to Guru Anter
Guru ArdasListen to Guru Ardas
Guru AtmaListen to Guru Atma
Guru AvtarListen to Guru Avtar
Guru BahadurListen to Guru Bahadur
Guru BakshishListen to Guru Bakshish
Guru BalaListen to Guru Bala
Guru BandaListen to Guru Banda
Guru BandhuListen to Guru Bandhu
Guru BasantListen to Guru Basant
Guru BeantListen to Guru Beant
Guru BhagatListen to Guru Bhagat
Guru BirListen to Guru Bir
Guru ChanderListen to Guru Chander
Guru ChiterListen to Guru Chiter
Guru DarbarListen to Guru Darbar
Guru DarshanListen to Guru Darshan
Guru DashmeshListen to Guru Dashmesh
Guru DattaListen to Guru Datta
Guru DayaListen to Guru Daya
Guru DeepListen to Guru Deep
Guru DevListen to Guru Dev
Guru DevaListen to Guru Deva
Guru DeviListen to Guru Devi
Guru DhamListen to Guru Dham
Guru DharamListen to Guru Dharam
Guru DharmaListen to Guru Dharma
Guru DittaListen to Guru Ditta
Guru FatehListen to Guru Fateh
Guru GaneshaListen to Guru Ganesha
Guru GianListen to Guru Gian
Guru GopalListen to Guru Gopal
Guru GunListen to Guru Gun
Guru HansListen to Guru Hans
Guru HariListen to Guru Hari
Guru HimatListen to Guru Himat
Guru HukamListen to Guru Hukam
Guru InderListen to Guru Inder
Guru JagatListen to Guru Jagat
Guru JaiListen to Guru Jai
Guru JasListen to Guru Jas
Guru JaswantListen to Guru Jaswant
Guru JeesListen to Guru Jees
Guru JeetListen to Guru Jeet
Guru JiwanListen to Guru Jiwan
Guru JodhaListen to Guru Jodha
Guru JotListen to Guru Jot
Guru KamalListen to Guru Kamal
Guru KarListen to Guru Kar
Guru KaramListen to Guru Karam
Guru KartaListen to Guru Karta
Guru KiretListen to Guru Kiret
Guru KirinListen to Guru Kirin
Guru KirpalListen to Guru Kirpal
Guru KirtanListen to Guru Kirtan
Guru KudratListen to Guru Kudrat
Guru LaalListen to Guru Laal
Guru LivListen to Guru Liv
Guru ManderListen to Guru Mander
Guru MantraListen to Guru Mantra
Guru MarkaListen to Guru Marka
Guru MataListen to Guru Mata
Guru MeetListen to Guru Meet
Guru MeherListen to Guru Meher
Guru MiterListen to Guru Miter
Guru MukhListen to Guru Mukh
Guru MuktaListen to Guru Mukta
Guru MustukListen to Guru Mustuk
Guru NamListen to Guru Nam
Guru Nam SimranListen to Guru Nam Simran
Guru NarayanListen to Guru Narayan
Guru NaterListen to Guru Nater
Guru NeelListen to Guru Neel
Guru NidhanListen to Guru Nidhan
Guru NihalListen to Guru Nihal
Guru NishanListen to Guru Nishan
Guru NiyamListen to Guru Niyam
Guru PartapListen to Guru Partap
Guru ParvazListen to Guru Parvaz
Guru PavanListen to Guru Pavan
Guru PittaListen to Guru Pitta
Guru PrakashListen to Guru Prakash
Guru PrasadListen to Guru Prasad
Guru PreetListen to Guru Preet
Guru PremListen to Guru Prem
Guru PurkhaListen to Guru Purkha
Guru PurshaListen to Guru Pursha
Guru RaagListen to Guru Raag
Guru RagaListen to Guru Raga
Guru RahaListen to Guru Raha
Guru RaiListen to Guru Rai
Guru RajListen to Guru Raj
Guru RakhaListen to Guru Rakha
Guru RangListen to Guru Rang
Guru RasListen to Guru Ras
Guru RatanListen to Guru Ratan
Guru RaviListen to Guru Ravi
Guru RoopListen to Guru Roop
Guru SadhanaListen to Guru Sadhana
Guru SahaiListen to Guru Sahai
Guru SandeshListen to Guru Sandesh
Guru SangatListen to Guru Sangat
Guru SangeetListen to Guru Sangeet
Guru SansarListen to Guru Sansar
Guru SantListen to Guru Sant
Guru SaranListen to Guru Saran
Guru SaroopListen to Guru Saroop
Guru SevakListen to Guru Sevak
Guru ShabadListen to Guru Shabad
Guru ShamsherListen to Guru Shamsher
Guru ShantiListen to Guru Shanti
Guru SherListen to Guru Sher
Guru SikhListen to Guru Sikh
Guru SimranListen to Guru Simran
Guru SimritListen to Guru Simrit
Guru SiriListen to Guru Siri
Guru SooryaListen to Guru Soorya
Guru SundriListen to Guru Sundri
Guru TejListen to Guru Tej
Guru TeraListen to Guru Tera
Guru TerathListen to Guru Terath
Guru TrangListen to Guru Trang
Guru ZailListen to Guru Zail
GurubachanListen to Gurubachan
GurubaniListen to Gurubani
GurubhagtiListen to Gurubhagti
GurubhaiListen to Gurubhai
GurubhavanListen to Gurubhavan
GurucharanListen to Gurucharan
GurucharanpreetListen to Gurucharanpreet
GurudassListen to Gurudass
GurudyalListen to Gurudyal
GurugaganListen to Gurugagan
GuruharpalListen to Guruharpal
GurujapListen to Gurujap
GurukaListen to Guruka
GurukartarListen to Gurukartar
GurumandeepListen to Gurumandeep
GurunadhListen to Gurunadh
GurupalListen to Gurupal
GurupritamListen to Gurupritam
GurupurkhListen to Gurupurkh
GurushantListen to Gurushant
GurusohanListen to Gurusohan
GurusukhListen to Gurusukh