Names and Pronunciations

Here is a list of spiritual names that are given to people. Use this section to understand the correct pronunciation of your spiritual name.

Please keep the following in mind as you integrate your spiritual name into your life:

  • Listen carefully to the sound bite (pronunciation) of your spiritual name. Pronounce it slowly, and let it resonate within you.
  • It is important to use the correct naad (inner sound current) when speaking your name and when teaching others how to pronounce it. Pronunciation is paramount!
  • Each name listed here has the most common spelling as it is transliterated from Gurmukhi (the alphabet of the sacred language of the Sikhs).
  • Because there is not a direct transliteration from the Gurmukhi alphabet to the English alphabet, there may be more than one correct way to spell your name. Whatever spelling makes the most sense to YOU, and helps you and other people to pronounce your name correctly, is the best spelling to use. We have suggested a common way to spell your name, but remember the most important thing is the correct pronunciation.
  • Yogi Bhajan said that using your spiritual name in its entirety is the best way to get the most benefit from it.


Yogi Bhajan included the surname “Singh” (male) or “Kaur” (female) after each given name.

Note that most of these spiritual names can be used by either a male or a female, except as indicated.

Listen to the pronunciation of “Singh” or “Kaur”:


If your name is not listed here, please contact us.

Select the first letter of your spiritual name:

NomeListenAlternate Spellings
Taj Ajeetplay
Taj Anandaplay
Taj Angadplay
Taj Bachanplay
Taj Baniplay
Taj Darshanplay
Taj Devaplay
Taj Deviplay
Taj Inderjeetplay
Taj Inderpreetplay
Taj Japaplay
Taj Jiwanplay
Taj Karamplay
Taj Narayanplay
Taj Nidhanplay
Taj Padmaniplay
Taj Piaraplay
Taj Preeteplay
Taj Premplay
Taj Ranpreetplay
Taj Sangeetplay
Taj Sangeetaplay
Taj Sanpreetplay
Taj Satyaplay
Taj Savitriplay
Taj Seemaplay
Taj Seetalplay
Taj Sevaplay
Taj Shaktiplay
Taj Sooryaplay
Tara Adeshplay
Tara Ajeetplay
Tara Akalplay
Tara Akashaplay
Tara Angadplay
Tara Ardasplay
Tara Bachanplay
Tara Bhajanplay
Tara Chananplay
Tara Chandplay
Tara Dassplay
Tara Devplay
Tara Devaplay
Tara Devpreetplay
Tara Devtaplay
Tara Dhyanplay
Tara Harnalplay
Tara Harpalplay
Tara Jaspreetplay
Tara Jaspremplay
Tara Jiwanplay
Tara Kirinplay
Tara Kirtanplay
Tara Kirtiplay
Tara Lakshmiplay
Tara Manjeetplay
Tara Manpreetplay
Tara Manpriyaplay
Taran Avtarplay
Taran Bachanplay
Taran Baniplay
Taran Bhagatplay
Taran Bhagtiplay
Taran Bhaktiplay
Taran Dasplay
Taran Devtaplay
Taran Gobindeplay
Taran Gopalplay
Taran Harpalplay
Taran Livtarplay
Taran Mitarplay
Taran Muktaplay
Taran Nirmalplay
Taran PremplayTaranprem
Taran Pritiplay
Taran Ramaplay
Taran Randeepplay
Taran Randevplay
Taran Roopplay
Taran Sandeshplay
Taran Savitriplay
Taran Simranplay
Taran Sunderplay
Taran Vedplay
Tara Premjotplay
Tara Ranpritiplay
Tara Raviplay
Tara Sandeepplay
Tara Sanpremplay
Tara Santokhplay
Tara Saraswatiplay
Tara Savitriplay
Tara Seemaplay
Tara Seetalplay
Tara Sevakplay
Tara Shivaplay
Tara Sooryaplay
Tara Subaghplay
Tara Vedyaplay
Tarn Taarnplay
Tarsn Harpremplay
Teg Adeshplay
Teg Akalplay
Teg Anandplay
Teg Angadplay
Teg Arjanplay
Teg Bachanplay
Teg Baniplay
Teg Bhajanplay
Teg Chandplay
Teg Chanderplay
Teg Charanplay
Teg Dayaplay
Teg Deviplay
Teg Devtaplay
Teg Dhyanplay
Teg Dyalplay
Teg Fatehplay
Teg Gianplay
Teg Harpalplay
Teg Harpremplay
Teg Jotdeepplay
Teg Kavitaplay
Teg Kevalplay
Teg Kirpalplay
Teg Kirtanplay
Teg Krishnaplay
Teg Kriyaplay
Teg Mandeepplay
Teg Manpreetplay
Teg Manpremplay
Teg Mohanplay
Teg Namplay
Teg Narayanplay
Teg Prakashplay
Teg Rajbirplay
Teg Rajdeepplay
Teg Rajdevplay
Teg Ramaplay
Teg Randeepplay
Teg Randevplay
Teg Randevaplay
Teg Randeviplay
Teg Ranjeetplay
Teg Ranpremplay
Teg Ransherplay
Teg Sandeepplay
Teg Sandeshplay
Teg Sangeetplay
Teg Sanjeetplay
Teg Sanpreetplay
Teg Sanpremplay
Teg Santokhplay
Teg Seetalplay
Teg Shabadplay
Teg Shantiplay
Teg Simritplay
Teg Sitaplay
Teg Sundriplay
Teja Amritaplay
Teja Angadplay
Teja Ardasplay
Teja Arjanplay
Teja Dassplay
Teja Dharamplay
Teja Dhyanplay
Tej Adiplay
Teja Dyalplay
Teja Hariplay
Teja Jotiplay
Tej Akalplay
Tej Akashaplay
Teja Kirtanplay
Teja Kirtiplay
Tej Amritaplay
Tej Angadplay
Teja Pavanplay
Teja Premplay
Teja Pritamplay
Teja Randhirplay
Tej Arjanplay
Teja Sangatplay
Teja Savitriplay
Teja Seetalplay
Teja Simritplay
Tej Bhagatplay
Tej Bhajanplay
Tej Damanplay
Tej Dassplay
Tej Devaplay
Tej Devtaplay
Tej Dharamplay
Tej Dhyanplay
Tej Dyalplay
Tej Gianplay
Tej Gobindeplay
Tej Hardeviplay
Tej Harpriyaplay
TejinderplayTej Inder
Tej Kavitaplay
Tej Kirinplay
Tej Kirtiplay
Tej Mahanplay
Tej Mandevplay
Tej Mandeviplay
Tej Maniplay
Tej Manjeetplay
Tej Manpreetplay
Tej Padmaniplay
Tej Paramplay
Tej Partapplay
Tej Piaraplay
Tej Premdeepplay
Tej Radhaplay
Tej Ramaplay
Tej Randeviplay
Tej Saraswatiplay
Tej Seemaplay
Tej Sevakplay
Tej Shabadplay
Tej Shamaplay
Tej Sitaplay
Tej Vikramplay
Tek Harplay
Tek Hariplay
Tek Pavanplay
Tera Ajeetplay
Tera Akashaplay
Tera Amarplay
Tera Anandaplay
Tera Angadplay
Tera Ardasplay
Tera Arvindplay
Tera Avtarplay
Tera Bhajanplay
Tera Bhavanplay
Tera Chananplay
Tera Deepplay
Tera Devjeetplay
Tera Devpremplay
Tera Devtaplay
Tera Dharamplay
Tera Dhyanplay
Tera Gobindeplay
Tera Harnalplay
Tera Harpalplay
Tera Harsimranplay
Tera Himatplay
Tera Jaspreetplay
Tera Kalyanplay
Tera Kirinplay
Tera Kirtanplay
Tera Kirtiplay
Tera Lakshmiplay
Tera Mandeepplay
Tera Manpreetplay
Tera Manpriyaplay
Tera Miterplay
Tera Muktaplay
Tera Nihalplay
Tera Padmaniplay
Tera Pavanplay
Tera Priyaplay
Tera Rajplay
Tera Rajpreetplay
Tera Ramplay
Tera Randhirplay
Tera Sandeepplay
Tera Sangatplay
Tera Sanpreetplay
Tera Santokhplay
Tera Saranplay
Tera Saraswatiplay
Tera Seetalplay
Tera Shabadplay
Tera Sitaplay
Tera Sooryaplay
Terath Premplay
Terath Ramplay
Tera Viriamplay
Tiaga Ajeetplay
Tiaga Amritaplay
Tiaga Anandaplay
Tiaga Bachanplay
Tiaga Basantplay
Tiaga Chanderplay
Tiaga Chandraplay
Tiaga Dayaplay
Tiaga Dayalplay
Tiaga Devtaplay
Tiaga Dyalplay
Tiaga Gianplay
Tiaga Himatplay
Tiaga Jiwanplay
Tiaga Jotiplay
Tiaga Kirtiplay
Tiaga Rajplay
Tiaga Ramaplay
Tiaga Sangeetaplay