Names and Pronunciations

Please keep the following in mind as you integrate your spiritual name into your life:

  • It is important to use the correct naad (inner sound current) when speaking your name and when teaching others how to pronounce it. Pronunciation is paramount!
    • Listen carefully to the sound byte (pronunciation) of your spiritual name. Pronounce it slowly, and let it resonate within you.
    • If you find that your name does not appear as a sound byte, please contact us.
  • There may be more than one correct way to spell your name. As most of the names are derived from Gurbani (the sacred language of the Sikhs), there is not a direct transliteration from its alphabet to the English alphabet. Whatever spelling makes the most sense to YOU, and helps you and other people to pronounce your name correctly, is the best spelling to use. We have suggested a common way to spell your name, but remember the most important thing is the correct pronunciation.
  • Note that most of these spiritual names are non-gender specific, differentiated by using either Singh (male) or Kaur (female).
  • Yogi Bhajan said that using your spiritual name in its entirety is the best way to get the most benefit from it.


Taj AjeetListen to Taj Ajeet
Taj AnandaListen to Taj Ananda
Taj AngadListen to Taj Angad
Taj BachanListen to Taj Bachan
Taj BaniListen to Taj Bani
Taj DevaListen to Taj Deva
Taj DeviListen to Taj Devi
Taj InderjeetListen to Taj Inderjeet
Taj InderpreetListen to Taj Inderpreet
Taj JiwanListen to Taj Jiwan
Taj KaramListen to Taj Karam
Taj NarayanListen to Taj Narayan
Taj PiaraListen to Taj Piara
Taj PreeteListen to Taj Preete
Taj PremListen to Taj Prem
Taj SangeetListen to Taj Sangeet
Taj SanpreetListen to Taj Sanpreet
Taj SatyaListen to Taj Satya
Taj SavitriListen to Taj Savitri
Taj SeetalListen to Taj Seetal
Taj ShaktiListen to Taj Shakti
Taj SooryaListen to Taj Soorya
TajbirListen to Tajbir
TaraListen to Tara
Tara AdeshListen to Tara Adesh
Tara AjeetListen to Tara Ajeet
Tara AkalListen to Tara Akal
Tara AngadListen to Tara Angad
Tara ArdasListen to Tara Ardas
Tara BhajanListen to Tara Bhajan
Tara ChananListen to Tara Chanan
Tara ChandListen to Tara Chand
Tara DevListen to Tara Dev
Tara DevtaListen to Tara Devta
Tara DhyanListen to Tara Dhyan
Tara JiwanListen to Tara Jiwan
Tara KirinListen to Tara Kirin
Tara KirtanListen to Tara Kirtan
Tara KirtiListen to Tara Kirti
Tara LakshmiListen to Tara Lakshmi
Tara ManjeetListen to Tara Manjeet
Tara ManpreetListen to Tara Manpreet
Tara RaviListen to Tara Ravi
Tara SandeepListen to Tara Sandeep
Tara SantokhListen to Tara Santokh
Tara SavitriListen to Tara Savitri
Tara SevakListen to Tara Sevak
Tara SooryaListen to Tara Soorya
Tara VedyaListen to Tara Vedya
TaranListen to Taran
Taran AvtarListen to Taran Avtar
Taran BhagatListen to Taran Bhagat
Taran BhagtiListen to Taran Bhagti
Taran BhaktiListen to Taran Bhakti
Taran DasListen to Taran Das
Taran DevtaListen to Taran Devta
Taran GopalListen to Taran Gopal
Taran MitarListen to Taran Mitar
Taran NirmalListen to Taran Nirmal
Taran RoopListen to Taran Roop
Taran SandeshListen to Taran Sandesh
Taran SimranListen to Taran Simran
Taran SunderListen to Taran Sunder
Taran VedListen to Taran Ved
TaranbirListen to Taranbir
TarandeepListen to Tarandeep
TarandevListen to Tarandev
TaranjodhListen to Taranjodh
TaranjotListen to Taranjot
TaranpalListen to Taranpal
TaranpreetListen to Taranpreet
TaranpremListen to Taranprem
TaranshantListen to Taranshant
TarkashListen to Tarkash
Tarn TaarnListen to Tarn Taarn
TavleenListen to Tavleen
TeerathdeepListen to Teerathdeep
TegListen to Teg
Teg AdeshListen to Teg Adesh
Teg AkalListen to Teg Akal
Teg AnandListen to Teg Anand
Teg ArjanListen to Teg Arjan
Teg BhajanListen to Teg Bhajan
Teg ChandListen to Teg Chand
Teg ChanderListen to Teg Chander
Teg DayaListen to Teg Daya
Teg DeviListen to Teg Devi
Teg DevtaListen to Teg Devta
Teg DhyanListen to Teg Dhyan
Teg DyalListen to Teg Dyal
Teg GianListen to Teg Gian
Teg KrishnaListen to Teg Krishna
Teg KriyaListen to Teg Kriya
Teg MandeepListen to Teg Mandeep
Teg NamListen to Teg Nam
Teg PrakashListen to Teg Prakash
Teg RandeepListen to Teg Randeep
Teg RanjeetListen to Teg Ranjeet
Teg SandeepListen to Teg Sandeep
Teg SandeshListen to Teg Sandesh
Teg SangeetListen to Teg Sangeet
Teg SanjeetListen to Teg Sanjeet
Teg SantokhListen to Teg Santokh
Teg SimritListen to Teg Simrit
Teg SundriListen to Teg Sundri
TegbirListen to Tegbir
TejListen to Tej
Tej AdiListen to Tej Adi
Tej AkalListen to Tej Akal
Tej AmritaListen to Tej Amrita
Tej AngadListen to Tej Angad
Tej ArjanListen to Tej Arjan
Tej BhagatListen to Tej Bhagat
Tej BhajanListen to Tej Bhajan
Tej DamanListen to Tej Daman
Tej DevaListen to Tej Deva
Tej DharamListen to Tej Dharam
Tej DhyanListen to Tej Dhyan
Tej DyalListen to Tej Dyal
Tej GianListen to Tej Gian
Tej GobindeListen to Tej Gobinde
Tej InderjeetListen to Tej Inderjeet
Tej KavitaListen to Tej Kavita
Tej KirtiListen to Tej Kirti
Tej MahanListen to Tej Mahan
Tej MandeviListen to Tej Mandevi
Tej ManiListen to Tej Mani
Tej ManpreetListen to Tej Manpreet
Tej PadmaniListen to Tej Padmani
Tej ParamListen to Tej Param
Tej PartapListen to Tej Partap
Tej PiaraListen to Tej Piara
Tej RadhaListen to Tej Radha
Tej SeemaListen to Tej Seema
Tej SevakListen to Tej Sevak
Tej ShabadListen to Tej Shabad
Tej ShamaListen to Tej Shama
Tej SitaListen to Tej Sita
Tej VikramListen to Tej Vikram
TejaListen to Teja
Teja AngadListen to Teja Angad
Teja DassListen to Teja Dass
Teja KirtiListen to Teja Kirti
Teja PavanListen to Teja Pavan
Teja PremListen to Teja Prem
Teja PritamListen to Teja Pritam
Teja SangatListen to Teja Sangat
Teja SimritListen to Teja Simrit
TejbalListen to Tejbal
TejdeepListen to Tejdeep
TejinderListen to Tejinder
TejinderjeetListen to Tejinderjeet
TejindermeetListen to Tejindermeet
TejinderpreetListen to Tejinderpreet
TejmanListen to Tejman
TejpalListen to Tejpal
TejwantListen to Tejwant
Tek HarListen to Tek Har
Tek HariListen to Tek Hari
TekbirListen to Tekbir
TekdeepListen to Tekdeep
TekdevListen to Tekdev
TekjeetListen to Tekjeet
TekjotListen to Tekjot
TekmeetListen to Tekmeet
TekpalListen to Tekpal
TekpreetListen to Tekpreet
TekroopListen to Tekroop
TeksaroopListen to Teksaroop
TeraListen to Tera
Tera AjeetListen to Tera Ajeet
Tera AkashaListen to Tera Akasha
Tera AmarListen to Tera Amar
Tera AngadListen to Tera Angad
Tera ArdasListen to Tera Ardas
Tera ArvindListen to Tera Arvind
Tera AvtarListen to Tera Avtar
Tera BhavanListen to Tera Bhavan
Tera ChananListen to Tera Chanan
Tera DeepListen to Tera Deep
Tera DevjeetListen to Tera Devjeet
Tera DevpremListen to Tera Devprem
Tera DevtaListen to Tera Devta
Tera DharamListen to Tera Dharam
Tera DhyanListen to Tera Dhyan
Tera GobindeListen to Tera Gobinde
Tera HarnalListen to Tera Harnal
Tera HarpalListen to Tera Harpal
Tera HimatListen to Tera Himat
Tera JaspreetListen to Tera Jaspreet
Tera KirinListen to Tera Kirin
Tera KirtanListen to Tera Kirtan
Tera KirtiListen to Tera Kirti
Tera LakshmiListen to Tera Lakshmi
Tera MandeepListen to Tera Mandeep
Tera ManpreetListen to Tera Manpreet
Tera MuktaListen to Tera Mukta
Tera NihalListen to Tera Nihal
Tera PadmaniListen to Tera Padmani
Tera PriyaListen to Tera Priya
Tera RajListen to Tera Raj
Tera SandeepListen to Tera Sandeep
Tera SangatListen to Tera Sangat
Tera SanpreetListen to Tera Sanpreet
Tera SaranListen to Tera Saran
Tera SeetalListen to Tera Seetal
Tera ShabadListen to Tera Shabad
Tera SooryaListen to Tera Soorya
Tera ViriamListen to Tera Viriam
Terath PremListen to Terath Prem
Terath RamListen to Terath Ram
TiagaListen to Tiaga
Tiaga AjeetListen to Tiaga Ajeet
Tiaga BasantListen to Tiaga Basant
Tiaga ChandraListen to Tiaga Chandra
Tiaga DayalListen to Tiaga Dayal
Tiaga DevtaListen to Tiaga Devta
Tiaga DyalListen to Tiaga Dyal
Tiaga HimatListen to Tiaga Himat
Tiaga JiwanListen to Tiaga Jiwan
Tiaga KirtiListen to Tiaga Kirti
Tiaga RajListen to Tiaga Raj
Tiaga RamaListen to Tiaga Rama