Sat Nam,

Our hearts go out to each of you at this time of great upheaval and challenge. We're sending you our wishes of health for yourself, all your loved ones, your communities, and the world.

In response to the public health challenge and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, we have decided to cancel all of our in-person events for 2020: Summer Solstice Sadhana Celebration, International Women's Camp, Khalsa Youth Camp and now, most recently, Winter Solstice Sadhana Celebration.

We will, however, be holding space for two virtual events: a 1-day September e-Equinox on the 19th, as well as a 3-day December e-Solstice Summit.

We have enjoyed supporting our community online with Kundalini Yoga and look forward to continuing to do so through these future events and our other channels.

Best Wishes,

The 3HO Foundation Team

Summer Solstice takes place on the sacred land of Guru Ram Das Puri, which 3HO Foundation rents from Legacy of Yogiji Foundation (LYF). LYF manages the property and makes improvements throughout the year in collaboration with 3HO Foundation. In cooperation with LYF, 3HO Foundation supports sustainable use of Guru Ram Das Puri.

Recycling/Waste Management

We provide plastic receptacles for recycling, please use them; they are well marked and in convenient areas throughout the sight. Northern New Mexico only recycles number 1 and 2 plastics, and those plastics must be shaped like a bottle. Any other plastic items are considered trash; please dispose of them accordingly. Please respect the process of sustainability that we are trying to cultivate in this Aquarian Age.
We also provide compost bins for scraps from snacks and meals. Please do not throw trash or recycling into the compost bins. Our waste management teams have to go through every bin and pick out the trash before the bins are sent to our compost pile. Please look before you throw something away, all of our bins are clearly labeled. Being conscientous about waste management is of the utmost importance to the health, safety, and operation of camp.
 The landfill bin is where the Green Team requests your consideration. In the mindset that "throw away" means landfill, please be aware of what you consider "trash" and what might actually be better suited in the compost or recycling bins.

Water Conservation

Recently, LYF installed meters to monitor the water usage at Guru Ram Das Puri. In New Mexico, property is given a set amount of underground water to use on a quarterly basis. Currently, Summer Solstice is just under the allocated amount for the second quarter. As Summer Solstice attendance grows, LYF and 3HO Foundation have implemented water conservation efforts including automatic shut-off faucets and shower head water volume restrictors. The shower head volume restrictors effectively reduce the gallons per minute used from the standard low-flow 2.5 gpm (gallons per minute) to 1.6 gpm. We also use Kohler “energy smart toilets,” which are 1.2 gpf (gallons per flush). We encourage all participants to be mindful of water use, such as making sure that faucets and shower heads are not left dripping. Guru Ram Das Puri is located in the high desert where water conservation is of utmost importance. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in helping to care for this fragile environment.

Energy Use

The long-term vision for Guru Ram Das Puri includes transitioning from diesel-generated electricity to solar and wind electric solutions. Of course, this all depends upon funding for Guru Ram Das Puri development. If you would like to support the Guru Ram Puri Development Fund, click here to donate or add a donation to your Solstice online registration. Currently, we use liquid propane for cooking because we have a commercial-grade kitchen, which is designed to run efficiently using petroleum-based fuels. As we add commercial appliances to the kitchen, energy efficiency is always considered prior to making purchases.

Leave No Trace

Our firm policy is to leave all campsites cleaner than when we arrived. Out of respect for each other and the land, please allow plenty of time to properly break down and pack up your campsite. Leave no trace means to remove anything that doesn’t belong in the natural environment, such as tissues, watermelon rinds, tents, sleeping bags, tarps, or clothing. Solstice Sadhana Celebrations are pack-it-in and pack-it-out events. Remember that your tent, your shoes, or a flashlight become trash when left behind at Guru Ram Das Puri. Items left are not considered donations; they're considered trash. If you are planning on purchasing a tent and leaving it behind, please consider registering for a space in one of our rental tents or cabins.

Lost and Found

If you see any of these items left behind, please pick them up and place them in the nearest landfill, recycling, or compost bin, or take them to the lost and found at Hospitality, as appropriate. Valuable items are taken to Security.