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The Yoga of Gemstones©: Tiger Eye—the Earth Stone

By Kudrat Kaur Khalsa, New Mexico, USA

Tiger Eye is basically a solar stone of vitality, physical action, and practicality. It stimulates the root chakra associated with Mother Earth. It gives a sense of being grounded, logical, and calm. Tiger Eye is also a stone of mental clarity. It activates the intellect, sharpening logic. Tiger Eye energizes the body to accomplish tasks and lends one the strength to overcome fatigue and discouragement.

Tiger Eye is a member of the Quartz family, a silicon dioxide mineral. Tiger Eye has beautiful bands of golden ray yellows and browns which exhibit chatoyancy, an optical reflectance effect caused by the fibrous structure of the stone, which is similar to the appearance of “oeil de chat,” or a cat’s eye (from which the term derives its name). Tiger eye can be found in South Africa, Burma, Western Australia, USA, and India.

Meditating with this stone can help one to move into a state of higher consciousness while remaining grounded. Tiger Eye brings balance and allows one to find the harmonious center between all types of polarities. It allows one to see both sides of any disagreement.

Tiger Eye supports physical vitality and energy, and helps to facilitate cell respiration and metabolism. Tiger eye is also a blood fortifier and adds strength to the endocrine system, bringing ones biochemistry into balance.

Tiger Iron, a similar stone, is a banded stone containing layers of Tiger Eye, Jasper, and Hematite. It is a combination of iron and quartz based-materials. Tiger Iron gets its name from the presence of Tiger Eye and iron-rich Hematite. It’s gold, red, and silver colors make it a popular stone for jewelry while its properties add strength, stamina, and courage to meditation malas.

Tiger Iron brings about creative expression particularly in relation to the arts, music, and acting. It brings with it a dynamic focus and flow which is necessary for a great performance.

Tiger Iron can bring harmony to the kidneys, lungs, pancreas, and intestines and it also strengthens the blood and the muscle tone. It is an excellent grounding stone which connects one to the heart of the Earth and the core of our planet. Tiger Iron is also a very protective stone for those who tend to get spacey and disengaged from the physical plane. It immediately brings one back to the balancing qualities of Mother Earth.

Consider adding either Tiger Eye or Tiger Iron to your next meditation mala and enhance your qualities of focus, confidence, balance, fairness, enthusiasm, clarity, and strength!

Kudrat Kaur currently resides in New Mexico. She is affectionately known as "the mala lady" and can be found at her table full of beautiful mala prayer beads at many 3HO events bazaars. She specializes in creating gemstone malas and teaches how to use them with mantra and meditation to enhance personal projection and spiritual practice. To set up a workshop in your area, contact her at 505-747-8673 or [email protected]. View her custom mala designs at www.themalashop.com